Logging in

Students applying to UNC Charlotte as new freshmen or new transfer students are considered incoming students until they begin attending classes at the university. Even after a new freshman or transfer student is admitted (accepted) and submits their Intent to Enroll, they should continue to login to NinerScholars using the Incoming freshmen or Incoming transfer student button (as applicable) until they begin classes at UNC Charlotte. 

Undergraduate students who have applied for admission are considered Incoming students for scholarship purposes until they start classes at UNC Charlotte. Even though you may have received your NinerNET credentials, please continue to login using the appropriate Incoming freshman, Incoming transfer, or Incoming readmit student login button and your Future 49er credentials until you begin taking classes at UNC Charlotte.

Graduate students who have applied for admission or already been accepted to The Graduate School should continue to use the New Graduate School applicants login button and your Mygradschool credentials until you begin taking graduate classes at UNC Charlotte. 

Unfortunately, second-degree seeking students are not eligible to apply for scholarships through the NinerScholars Portal. Due to the limited resources available to meet all student need, UNC Charlotte has taken the position that only those students pursuing their first degree are eligible to apply for institutional scholarships. Second-degree seeking students are eligible for Outside Scholarships, offered by local, regional or national organizations. Please click here to view a list of outside scholarships prepared and updated regularly by the University Scholarship Office.

Admitted students who have not yet started classes still log in using the appropriate incoming student (not current student) log-in bar and their admissions credentials.

If you are unable to log in, please read the information below, and be sure to follow all instructions on the appropriate log in screen carefully. Prospective students who have not yet applied to UNC Charlotte will be able to log in using the below instructions once they submit their application and it has been received by Admissions.
  • Incoming Freshmen use the Incoming Freshmen login bar and your Future49er credentials (the credentials you used to log into the Admissions application portal). If you cannot recall your Future 49er password, reset here   
  • Incoming Transfer Students* use the Incoming Transfer Student login bar and your Future49er credentials (the credentials you used to log into the Admissions application portal)
  • Current Undergraduate Students use the Current Undergraduate Student login bar and your NinerNET credentials 
  • Incoming Readmit students use the Incoming Readmit Student login bar and your NinerNET credentials  
  • Incoming Graduate Students use the New Graduate School Applicants login bar and your mygradschool.uncc.edu credentials. If you cannot recall your mygradschool password, reset here
  • Current Graduate Students use the Current Graduate Students login bar and and your NinerNET credentials

*If you have applied for spring admission, please wait until you start classes in January to log in to NinerScholars. Then log in using the Current Student login bar and your NinerNET credentials

Please note - for scholarship application purposes, incoming students who have been admitted to UNC Charlotte should still use the same incoming student login bar and credentials they used for their admissions portal, even after they have been admitted to UNC Charlotte.
Please call our office at 704-687-5871:
  • If  you receive an error message
  • If you receive a message stating that a scholarship profile has already been established
  • If you are an Early Entry UNC Charlotte Graduate Student 

My Profile

If you have applied for spring admission or have already been admitted for the spring term, please wait until you start classes in January to login to NinerScholars. At that time, please login using the Current Student login button and your NinerNET credentials. If you log in prior to the spring semester, you will not be matched with the correct scholarships for your updated student type.

The information in your student profile has been imported directly from UNC Charlotte’s student information system (Banner). If your phone number or address is incorrect in your profile, click here to log into My UNC Charlotte, click the Banner Self Service icon at the top of the page, and make updates using the Personal Information tab. To update your name, ethnicity, or other information displayed incorrectly on this screen, click here and follow the instructions to complete the necessary section(s) of the Biographical Change Form. It may take up to 24 hours for the change to update in your NinerScholars Profile after you submit the required materials. If the new information does not appear after 24 hours, please contact the University Scholarship Office by emailing Scholarships@uncc.edu or calling 704-687-5871.

The information in your student profile has been imported directly from your admissions application. To update this information, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office or Graduate Admissions Office to request the information be updated. Once the information in your admissions application is updated, it will take approximately 24 hours for the information to update in your NinerScholars student profile. Please note that the address and phone number listed in your NinerScholars student profile are imported from the permanent address and phone fields in the admissions application.

First semester students at UNC Charlotte do not have an established GPA at the University. 

Not having an established GPA will affect the number of scholarships that you are matched with as many scholarships require an established GPA to apply.

If you are a new student entering UNC Charlotte for the spring semester, your GPA will be established at the end of the spring semester. Your first opportunity to be matched with scholarships with a GPA requirement will be during the following academic year application cycle.


No. A resume is a Common Application Material. Once submitted, a Common Application Material is attached to all applications which require that specific application material (e.g., resume). Since application materials are date and time stamped when they are submitted by the student, uploading a new resume would change the date and time stamp of when the resume was submitted and all applications with a passed deadline that require a resume would change to a status of Deadline Passed – Application Incomplete instead of Application Under Review. As a result, your application would be considered incomplete and you would no longer be considered for those scholarships.

Yes. Institutional scholarships at UNC Charlotte are awarded annually and therefore require an annual application be submitted through the NinerScholars Portal that reflects a student’s current class, GPA, major, etc. Student scholarship profiles and application materials do not carry over from one year to the next. Students who complete a profile and complete application materials one year, but do not re-apply during the open application period the following year, will not be considered for current year scholarships.

Log in to the NinerScholars Portal and create your scholarship profile. 

NinerScholars will automatically match you to the scholarships you’re eligible to apply for. Review the scholarship criteria and required application materials to determine which scholarships you’d like to apply for. Once you’ve submitted all required application materials for a specific scholarship, the application status moves to Complete, and your application will be reviewed for the scholarship.

It may take up to a week for the Admissions Office to review your transcript and enter your high school GPA into the student information system. To allow students to apply for scholarships as soon as possible, NinerScholars allows students to "self-report" their GPA. The GPA entered in this field is temporarily used to match you with scholarship opportunities and will be replaced with the GPA determined by the Admissions Office review. 

If you have applied or already been admitted for the spring semester, please wait until you start classes in January to login to NinerScholars. At that time, use the Current student login button and your NinerNET credentials to access NinerScholars. If you log in prior to the spring semester, you will not be matched with the correct scholarships for students admitted for the spring semester, and may end up completing unnecessary work.

Renewable scholarships are processed through the NinerScholars Portal each year, and recipients are not required to reapply annually. However, the college or department that awarded your scholarship will review your academic status each year to verify that you continue to meet the terms and conditions of the award. Most committees review student eligibility for renewal offers as part of their review of new applications and renewal offers are generally extended within 90 days of the posted scholarship deadline. Students must accept renewal scholarship offers each year or payment will not process to their account. Only after the students accepts the renewal offer will the award process, and funds will disburse to their account ten days prior to the first day of class in the semester for which the award is made. 

You can begin building your scholarship profile as soon as you submit your UNC Charlotte Admissions application. You do not need to wait for an admission decision to access the NinerScholars Portal

Students interested in applying to a University wide merit scholarship program, such as the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program or Martin Scholars Program, or students applying for admission to the Honors College or other honors programs, should sign in as early as possible. These programs often have a deadline of December 1st each year. Most other scholarships have a deadline in the spring semester for awards that will be made the following fall. 

No. All students must apply for scholarships through the NinerScholars Portal separate of the Admissions application. A completed admissions application is not used to determine scholarship awards.

No. All applications completed prior to the deadline are given equal consideration, regardless of how early they were submitted.

UNC Charlotte uses a student’s EFC to determine eligibility for need-based scholarships. If your EFC exceeds the Cost of Attendance for the current academic year, you may not be considered for scholarships that require the student demonstrate financial need. If you have further questions, please contact the University Scholarship Office.

Please visit the Levine Scholars Program website for detailed information about application requirements and deadlines. Please note that the Levine Scholars Program has an early application deadline and students do not apply for admission to the Levine Scholars Program through the NinerScholars portal.

Your list of scholarship opportunities will display on the Scholarship Match table screen after you initially submit your student profile in NinerScholars. Each time you login after submitting your profile, you'll land on the student dashboard. To access the Scholarship Match table from your dashboard or any screen in NinerScholars, click on the Scholarships button in the menu at the top right side of the page. Please note that there may be more than one page in your Scholarship Match table. To view details about a scholarship in your Scholarship Match table or to begin work on your application, click the Start Application button. Once you click Start Application, each item in the Required Materials column for that scholarship will become a live link. Click each link to view instructions for submitting that required material. You must click the Start Application button and complete all required materials to be considered for a scholarship. 


The University Scholarship Office strongly advises against changing a reference after they have already submitted their letter of recommendation.

If you cancel a recommender after they have submitted a recommendation, your applications for any scholarships that require that recommendation type that have already gone under review will then be marked “Past Deadline” and you will lose eligibility to be considered. In addition, we feel it is appropriate to respect the time and effort that recommenders put into writing a letter of recommendation.

A letter of recommendation is a Common Application Material. Once submitted by the reference, the same letter of recommendation is attached to all applications which require that specific type of recommendation letter. Since application materials are date and time stamped when they are submitted by the reference, requesting a new recommendation letter from a new reference will change the date and time stamp when the letter was submitted. As a result, all applications with a passed deadline that require this recommendation type would change to a status of Deadline Passed – Application Incomplete instead of Application Under Review. As a result, your application would be considered incomplete and you would no longer be considered for those scholarships.

No. Once a reference submits their recommendation letter, you cannot change the letter submitted by Academic Reference 1 to Academic Reference 2, or vice-versa. Since Academic Reference 1 will always be used to satisfy scholarships that require one academic recommendation, we encourage you to list your strongest reference as Academic Reference 1.

Students are responsible for communicating with their references and managing who they choose to submit a letter of recommendation. The University Scholarship Office suggests you contact the reference directly to confirm if they are still able to complete the reference for you by the posted deadline. If they are not, you may cancel the reference request in NinerScholars and submit the name and contact information for a new reference who is willing to write the recommendation letter on your behalf. Use the Remove Reference button on the References page in NinerScholars to complete this process. Then submit the contact information for a new reference. It’s important to note that recommendation letters must be received (submitted by the reference) before the Recommendation requirement will change to a completed status in the Required Materials column of your matched scholarships table.

To reduce the burden on students and their references, once a letter of recommendation is submitted by a reference, this letter is used for all scholarships which require that type of recommendation. However, since you may apply for scholarships with different application deadlines, we cannot communicate a specific deadline to your references. It is your responsibility to make sure the specific type of recommendation letter is received by the application deadline for the scholarship requiring that recommendation type. The University Scholarship office strongly encourages all students to communicate often with their references, and ask that the recommendation letter be submitted as soon as possible to ensure it is considered with your application.


It is not the practice of UNC Charlotte to award scholarships to graduating students who will no longer be enrolled at the time of the award. There are a few exceptions, and in these cases the criteria clearly indicate graduating seniors are eligible. All other applications submitted by students who have applied for graduation during the current academic year will be removed from the NinerScholars Portal prior to departmental review, and will not be considered. 

The only exception to this guideline is if you are graduating, and plan to attend graduate program at UNC Charlotte in the next academic year. If this is your case, please contact our office so we can help you get started. 

View this page for instructions on how to make sure the scholarship you earned is posted directly to your student account.

Award announcements are made during the Spring or Summer-I semester. Since scholarship applications are reviewed by different departments at different times, award announcements will vary, but should not be more than 90 days after the application deadline. Students offered a scholarship will receive an email from the University Scholarship Office instructing them to login to the NinerScholars Portal to review and accept the award offer and terms. Students must accept any scholarship offer in the NinerScholars Portal before the award will process to their student account. Students can also check the status of their applications on their Dashboard or the Status column in the matched scholarship screen in NinerScholars. Students who are awarded a scholarship will see the award amount appear on their student account ten days prior to the first day of class.

Please visit the Niner Central website for extensive information regarding financial aid, payment plans, and student accounts.

Faculty and/or staff within each department, office, or college review student applications and select recipients for the scholarships that they administer. Some general scholarships are administered by the University Scholarship Office and the Financial Aid Office.

Outside Scholarships

 If you received a scholarship check awarded by an external organization, submit the check to Niner Central so the funds can be deposited into your university student account. You must endorse any check that is made payable to you and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Information for scholarship donors

In order for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to process scholarship checks most efficiently we kindly ask that you follow the guidelines below.

  • Make scholarship checks payable solely to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Do not make checks payable to the student or to the university the student. This causes unnecessary delays in processing and disbursement of scholarships.
  • Include a letter containing the following information with each check:
    • student's name
    • student's university student ID, home address, and date of birth
  • Send scholarship checks with the information cited above to:

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Office of the Bursar
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, North Carolina 28223-0001

Outside (or external) scholarships are opportunities created by private companies or organizations that are shared directly with the University Scholarship Office and have an application and award process that is conducted outside the NinerScholars Portal, and are not affiliated with the university. The University Scholarship Office investigates each external scholarship opportunity, and posts qualifying scholarship opportuniuties here. Our hope is that this resource makes it easier for students to identify scholarship opportunities available outside the university.

Learn more about external scholarships by reading our blog postings, External Scholarship: Read the Fine Print and Internal vs. External Scholarships.

Contact Information

Please contact the University Scholarship Office by calling 704-687-5871 or emailing scholarships@uncc.edu and we can provide you with general information about the process.

If you are seeking specific information about your student’s application(s), please check with your student to see if they will grant you guest access to their student records.

Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University is not able to share specific student information to any individual who has not been granted guest access permissions.

To learn more about guest access, or if your student would like to grant you guest access, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Guest Access Portal and FERPA webpage.