There are many ways to show your support of UNC Charlotte.

UNC Charlotte relies on the generous investment and support provided by dedicated alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff.  Gifts to UNC Charlotte help advance its mission as North Carolina’s urban research university, offering internationally competitive and exemplary undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional education and research programs.


Change A Student's Life With Your Gift


Giving to the Evergreen Scholarship Fund provides the opportunity to change a student's life. The Evergreen Scholarship Fund is a unique and flexible scholarship fund designated to help our students with their ultimate goal - to graduate. The fund allows the University to evaluate current enrollment, student retention rate, financial aid, and graduation gaps annually. This criteria allows us to identify the changing needs of our diverse group of students over time to help them meet their goals. As a result, the Evergreen Scholarship Fund allows the University to combine several donors' gifts, regardless of size, to leverage additional funding for students to get them over a small financial hurdle. The power of your gift to the Evergreen Scholarship Fund will allow us to: 

  • Provide scholarship funds to Undergraduate Admissions to award to high-achieving students in combination with Honors Program Acceptance.
  • Provide need-based funds to Financial Aid to support grants for students with high unmet need or for students who have exhausted their aid eligibility.
  • Provide completion grants to Seniors with high amounts of unmet need to help them cross the finish line to graduation.
  • Award grants for stop-out prevention

Gold Rush Completion Grants - Awarded From the Evergreen Scholarship Fund

Your gift goes directly to students in need, funding grants and scholarships and making a direct impact in students' lives: 


“The Gold Rush Grant provided me with workload (job) relief which allowed me to focus more time on school. This is the first semester I worked less than 30 hours a week.”
 - Mitchell R., Class of 2017


“This grant allowed me to continue to pursue my education because I cannot fund myself or have the help. I was able to be less stressed about paying for school. Being less stressed allowed me to focus more on school.”
 - Marissa A., Class of 2016


“With the grant, I was able to lower the amount of loans that I needed in order to pay for my classes. This helped me in the long run because in a few short months I will have to start paying back my student loans.”
 - Tin D., Class of 2017

Creating a Scholarship

We are incredibly grateful for those who offer this crucial support and invite you to join them by creating a scholarship or adding to an existing one. To add to an existing scholarship, you can easily give online at If you are interested in creating a scholarship or have questions about giving to UNC Charlotte, contact Ged Doughton, senior director of major gifts at 704‑687‑6187 or by email to