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Q:   How do I apply for scholarships?

A:  Login to the NinerScholars Portal at and create your scholarship profile.

NinerScholars will automatically match you to those scholarships you’re eligible to apply for. Review the scholarship criteria and required application materials to determine which scholarships you’d like to apply for. Once you’ve submitted all required application materials for a specific scholarship, the application status moves to Complete, and your application will be reviewed for the scholarship. 

Learn more in our guide: "How to use the NinerScholars Portal"

Q:   If I am a high school senior when should I apply for scholarships?

A:    Once your UNC Charlotte Admissions application has been submitted, you can begin building your scholarship profile. You do not need to wait for an admission decision to access the NinerScholars Portal. 

Q:  If I complete my UNC Charlotte Admissions application, will I automatically be considered for scholarships?

A:   No. All students must apply for scholarships through the NinerScholars Portal. A completed admissions application is not used to determine scholarship awards.

Q:   When does the NinerScholars Portal open for applications?

A:  The NinerScholars Portal opens to new applications in mid-September each academic year. Applications are due during the following spring, by the individual scholarship deadline stated in the Portal.

Q:   How will I know if I am offered a scholarship?

A:  Award announcements are made during the Spring or Summer-I semester. Since scholarship applications are reviewed by different departments at different times, award announcements will vary, but should not be more than 90 days after the application deadline. Scholarship recipients will receive an email from The University Scholarship Office notifying them to login to the NinerScholars Portal to review and accept the award terms. Students must accept any scholarship offer in the NinerScholars Portal or the award will not be processed. Students can also check the status of any of their applications by logging into the NinerScholars Portal and viewing their Dashboard or the Status column in the matched scholarship screen. Students who are awarded a scholarship will see the award amount appear on their student account ten days prior to the first day of class for the fall semester.  

Q:  Who determines which students are awarded scholarships?

A:   Faculty within the individual departments and colleges review student applications and select recipients for those scholarships administered by their department. Some general scholarships are administered by the University Scholarship Office and the Financial Aid Office.

Q:   I am a high school senior. I submitted my application for admission and created my profile in the NinerScholars Portal. Why is my high school GPA not showing?

A:    It may take a week for the Admissions Office to review your transcript and enter your high school GPA into the student information system. Once this process is complete, your scholarship profile in NinerScholars will update the GPA field. We encourage you to login to the NinerScholars Portal regularly to determine when your scholarship profile is updated.

Q:  Is there any benefit to completing an application earlier?

A:    No. All applications completed prior to the deadline are given equal consideration, regardless of how early they were submitted.

Q:   What is the deadline for my references to submit their letter of recommendation?

A:    To reduce the burden on students and their references, once a letter of recommendation is submitted by a reference, this letter is used for all scholarships which require that type of recommendation. However, since you may apply for scholarships with different application deadlines, we cannot communicate a specific deadline to your references. It is your responsibility to make sure the specific type of recommendation letter is received by the application deadline for the scholarship requiring that recommendation type. The University Scholarship office strongly encourages all students to communicate often with their references, and ask that the recommendation letter be submitted as soon as possible to ensure it is considered with your application.

Q:   How can I change my student information in my NinerScholars profile?

A:   Academic information such as major, GPA, or enrollment status, and personal information such as ethnicity or citizenship are entered into your NinerScholars profile directly from the UNC Charlotte student information system (Banner). If you find information is missing or incorrect, contact the University Scholarship Office by calling 704-687-5871 or emailing

You can change general contact information in your scholarship profile, My UNC Charlotte to access Banner Self Service. My UNC Charlotteby calling 704-687-5871 or emailing

Q:   Why is my GPA showing ‘0’?

A:   First semester students (incoming freshman and incoming transfer students) at UNC Charlotte do not have an established GPA at the University. Therefore, your GPA will show ‘0’ until you have completed your first semester.

Not having an established GPA will affect the number of scholarships that you are matched with as many scholarships require an established GPA to apply.

If you are an incoming transfer student entering UNC Charlotte for the spring semester, your GPA will be established at the end of the spring semester. Your first opportunity to be matched with scholarships with a GPA requirement will be during the following application cycle.

Q:   I am the parent of a student and would like to discuss my student’s scholarship application(s). Who should I speak with?

A:    Please contact the University Scholarship Office by calling 704-687-5871 or emailing and we can provide you with general information about the process. If you are seeking specific information about your student’s application(s), please check with your student to see if they will grant you guest access to their student records. Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University is not able to share specific student information to any individual who has not been granted guest access permissions. To learn more about guest access, or if your student would like to grant you guest access, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Guest Access Portal and FERPA webpage.

Q:   Do I need to re-apply for scholarships each year?

A:    Yes. Institutional scholarships at UNC Charlotte are awarded annually and therefore require an annual application be submitted through the NinerScholars Portal that reflects a student’s current class, GPA, major, etc. Student scholarship profiles and application materials do not carry over from one year to the next. Students who complete a profile and complete application materials one year, but do not re-apply during the open application period the following year, will not be considered for current year scholarships.

Q:   What is an external scholarship?

A:    External scholarships are opportunities created by private companies and organizations that are shared directly with the University and have an application and award process unrelated to the NinerScholars Portal. The University Scholarship Office investigates each external scholarship opportunity, and posts qualifying scholarships to a Google Spreadsheet that makes it easier for students to manage.

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Q:   Can I be awarded a scholarship if I am graduating or have already graduated?

A:    No. Undergraduate seniors or graduate students who are planning to complete their degree and graduate during the fall or spring Commencement for the current academic year should not apply for scholarships through the NinerScholars Portal. It is not the practice of UNC Charlotte to award scholarships to graduating students who will no longer be enrolled at the time of the award. All applications submitted by students who have applied for graduation during the current academic year will be removed from the NinerScholars Portal prior to departmental review, and will not be considered. 

The only exception to this guideline is if you are graduating, and plan to attend graduate program at UNC Charlotte in the next academic year. If this is your case, please contact our office so we can help you get started. 

Q:   I am a professor. Can you come to my class to share scholarship information?

A:    Yes. The University Scholarship Office is happy to provide in-class presentations on NinerScholars, the application process, and other resources that our office provides. These information sessions last approximately 5-10 minutes. Our availability varies by semester, so please see our scheduling application, Calendly, for more information on our availability. 

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