Crown Scholars Program - How-To

Date Published: 
November 15, 2016
CROWN SCHOLARS PROGRAM DEADLINE APPROACHING --- Can you believe it's almost December already!? I know we can't. But as we gear up for the winter break, there are several important deadlines for incoming freshman here at UNC Charlotte when it comes to scholarships...

Internal vs. External Scholarships

Date Published: 
October 13, 2016

Here in the University Scholarship Office at UNC Charlotte, we often use words like “internal” and “external” when classifying scholarship opportunities. Before I started my job here, I had little knowledge of the differences and similarities between the two. Not only is the application process drastically different between these two groups, but the way in which the scholarship funds are established and awarded are distinct.

External Scholarships: Read the Fine Print

Date Published: 
October 6, 2016

Why would so many companies offer large, and seemingly easy scholarship opportunities online? It’s no secret that private companies are driven by profit, so what could possibly be profitable about giving away thousands of dollars to students?

Less Time Searching and More Time Applying

Date Published: 
October 5, 2016

What is a Scholarship Office?